About Junior the Fishy Frog

Junior the Fishy Frog was created in 2015, by Andre Thompson, an illustrator from Atlanta, Ga.  The story about Junior was written by his sister, Sharon Pritchard.  The story behind Junior is based on a relationship between two sets of cousins in our family.  During the holidays, we had (and still have) a call and response ritual like this call.."What Kind of Fish is a Frog?" The response is "A Fishy Frog!"

One cousin became sick on a New Year's Day.  She was in ICU for days, with no visitors or flowers.  Sharon called her artistic brother, Andre', to ask if he knew how to draw a fishy frog....hence the creation of Junior began! We had a framed picture of Junior placed on her nightstand to make her smile.

We believe Junior the Fishy Frog is why our dear cousin is alive today.

Junior's motto is 'It's Okay to be me!' 

Our mission is to reach as many children as possible to encourage them to achieve. Junior is different, and he wants to spread to the world that being different can be a really cool thing!

Junior the Fishy Frog loves you! Bloopribbit!